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Burlap Banner & Rosie Wreath crafts


Well, What better time to post a couple of fall crafts that a week before I decorate for Christmas! LOL  Better late than never! ; )

I used to make crafts all the time when the kids were little, but it's been a while since I've let my creative juices flow and actually took the time to make something with my hands.  This particular evening last month, Danielle and Abby and I had an evening to ourselves, so we set to work making a couple of fun fall decorations.

The first was a burlap banner.  I combined a couple of ideas I saw on Pintrest to do this.  I had printed on burlap before when we did a banner for our mission trip last year.  So I created a template for the banner on my computer, picked a font I liked, and printed the flags.  (Tutorial for printing on burlap here.)  It's actually really easy, usually just a couple tweaks to make sure it doesn't jam in your printer.

 Then I used a brown pompom strand I got for a buck, hot glued it to the burlap, and then added a few of my silk cocoon flowers from Sabahar in Ethiopia.  That put it over the top for me. : ) I love it.

 The second craft was a wreath I saw on my friend Lizzy's blog.  The link to the tutorial is here.

Danielle worked on the roses while I was working on the banner. 


Hot glue hurts.  We decided to give Abby foam sheets to play with. : )

We actually finished it the next day. What can I say, we're out of "crafty" shape, we tire easily.  Decided to watch a movie together and finish later.  I really love the way it came out!

 It was a fun time with my girls and felt good to get "back in the saddle" of crafting again!  I'm inspired with Christmas right around the corner now!  : )  Maybe you can adapt one of these for a Christmas-themed craft, since most of us will be taking down our fall decorations next weekend.  Or, just pin it for next year! ; )

Happy fall, ya'll!