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My day today.

I woke up 10 minutes before I was suppose to drive Abby's little carpool to school. I had set my alarm on my phone but...apparently it had died sometime during my peaceful slumber. We managed to get out the door only 3 minutes late, but Abby's hair may or may not have been done and she may or may not have had a slice of cheese for breakfast on the way to school.

This is my bed. It's after noon. Why make it now? I'm leavin' it.

I put last nights dinner in the microwave last night when folks started showing up for community group. Forgot about it and never put the leftovers in the fridge. Found it this morning. Woops. Dish still in the sink.

Due to said wake up, I have not showered or washed my hair yet today. Hey-- don't worry about my hygiene. I bathe at least once a week, whether I need it or not.

This is my outfit today. Did I wear these to bed last night?

I'll never tell.

Do they have some sort of unidentified food stains on them, along with lots of dog hair?

Why yes, yes they do.

And did I go to the store like this?


Yea, not a banner day for this mom.


dinner's in the crockpot.
my kids got to and from school on time.
my friend came over for lunch. (Granted, she had to make her own sandwich, but hey, this ain't a 5 star restaurant. : ))
I did one load of laundry and just washed the pan in the sink.
now I'm off to shower for date night.

Things are looking up. : )

How was your day?


Katy {and Kahler} said...

i love everything about this post. :) i feel like we'd be great friends. I'm still holding out for that "one day" when we go to africa together! :)

hope your date night was lovely!

Christy said...

And I still think you are AAA...MAZING!!!! :)