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MudLove Bands!! Help support Reckless Abandon 2012!!

What a crazy couple of months it has been! Weddings, adoption homecomings, celebrating forever family day for Abby, a visit from some of our dearest friends,'s been non-stop! We are blessed and thankful indeed!

And as excited we are to enjoy these next few weeks of the holiday season, we are already looking ahead and preparing for next February 16-26th-- when Joe and I join a team to head to Ethiopia for our mission trip: Reckless Abandon 2012!
We will spend a week in Addis training church planters, working on an orphanage building, running a VBS, as well as serving in Korah, the leper colony we served in two years ago. More details are coming soon and can be followed here in the upcoming weeks as well as on our church website.

But now the fun news: To help fundraise for my trip expenses, I have THE COOLEST bands EVER!

MudLove bands

MudLove bands get me excited for several reasons:
  • well for one they are just cool looking and awesome! : )
  • they are handcrafted by the founder Luke Wright in IL, who is a IWU grad like my niece Katie!
  • Luke gives 20% of all sales to clean water in Africa through a faith-based organization, ICDI, a company dedicated to providing, equipping, and empowering people in the Central African Republic with the essential tools and knowledge to survive and thrive in their country! Each band provides clean drinking water for an African for a year!!!
  • And now he has agreed to partner with me to help fundraise for my trip!

For every $15 donation to my mission trip, I will send you a MudLove band of choice below! We have three options you can choose as a thank you for your donation:

  1. A "redeemed" band, in the color of your choice
  2. A "redeemed" necklace, with either a brown or black cord

OR......[drumroll bc this is my favorite!!!]

3. A custom designed "Love with Abandon" band, in the color of your choice!!!!

Luke is still making these custom bands, so above is a picture of the prototype. Isn't it cool?!?! So here's the deal: my goal is to be able to give:

10 bands each day for the next 10 days!
Pre-orders begin today and end Dec.9th!

You can donate below or on the right side of my blog and select the band of your choice. All bands will ship mid-December. You can also use the general "Donate" button below for a donation amount of your choice.

Pick out yours today! Thank you for your part in helping send me back to Ethiopia for some Kingdom work!

MudLove jewelry
Band Color (necklace choices are only black and brown)

For a donation of a different amount, click here.

[If for some reason the paypal buttons aren't working, you can use my email address as the Paypal recipient ( and let me know in the notes section the MudLove item you want.]

Thank you!!