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{Back} To School! (Pinspiration postponed!)

It has been a crazy week in my household as I'm sure it has been in many of yours. It's back to school time! As I mentioned, for us, is a new adventure as my kids go TO school for the first time. We are all adjusting to new schedules and new routines and new experiences and new JUST-ABOUT-EVERYTHING! We're finding our sea legs in these uncharted waters, and I am glad to report: so far, so good. We are easily identified in the school--since we kinda stand out--one family, four kids, all in one middle school, homeschool background. We are praying for our representation of the King in this new context and for His glory displayed through us.

One thing I am quickly realizing is that my time to sit and be on my computer has virtually evaporated. Abby and I stay pretty busy during the day, and with the driving back and forth to school and various evening activities, there's just not alot of time left. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. But you may see a little less of me on facebook and pinterest and even here. I'll be around, I just may have to catch up in chunks.

In light of the busy week, I am not ready for my pinspiration post. So how about we reschedule, and do it Monday? Are you planning on joining in?? Now you have the weekend to take photos of your project and post to link up here so we can all see what kind of fun things Pinterest in inspiring (be sure and grab the logo on my pinspiration post)!! And our easy weeknight dinner board is up, so message me your email if you'd like to be a contributor and post recipes there for all of us to share and comment on! C'mon, I know some of you have some good ones to share with me!!! (By the way, if you're not on Pinterest and want an invite so you can join immediately and not wait to be accepted, message me your email address.)

Hope you enjoy a great weekend after this busy week! I leave you with some back to school pics of some good lookin' kiddoes! : )

Nathan, 8th grade

Josh, 8th grade

Hannah, 8th grade

Danielle, 6th grade

Abby, Kindergarten {at home}

The Fab Five