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Walk for Life

The girls and I are participating in a walk this weekend for our local pregnancy center. We are obviously passionate about children in need and adoption worldwide, and it is so fun for us to have a ministry locally to benefit who shares this passion. We are so excited about this opportunity to support efforts to help women and children right here in Tampa Bay.

We have a goal to raise $1,000 by this Saturday! Every amount helps get us one step closer to that goal! If you would like to be part of our support team, you can go here to donate online:

Also, I am giving the profits for any Tastefully Simple sales this week (not tied to a party) to this fundraiser. So if you need some Tastefully Simple, this is a great time to order, and help raise money for the pregnancy center at the same time!

Also, my buddy Erica sells Thirty One, and she is offering to give her profits towards the fundraiser as well, if you place an order through her! (Juts be sure and let me know you ordered so I can tell her it's connected to this.)

Thank you for joining with us. May we honor the King with our efforts to serve women and children, for His name's sake!

(You can see more info here on the
Walk for Life.)